Changing The Blogs Languange

Posted on November 3, 2012


Hi, readers? I have something to tell you. Before I tell it, do you have any idea what I am going to tell? Yap. My different style of blogging. From now on, I will use english as my blogs primary languange. My prime reason to do this is to improve my english proficiency, chiefly in writing skill. Beside that, I want to reach more readers and achieve a new stage of my blogging experience by providing content with the most widely use languange in the world. Although in fact, I am not a native english speaker (by which you can expect that my languange skill  will be a big obstacle for me to provide you with good content), but I’ll try as far as I can (if I were born in english speaking countries!Huh!).

For my reader from Indonesia, I want to apologize you if you are no longer be able to read my next posts in our languange. But, you can still use google translate, aren’t you? Or you can start learning english since it has become our government concern to taught it to students through the educational curriculum. Let’s be ready!

What’s next? If someday I am be able to write in english fluently, I will then use french too, in order that this blog can be a bilingual ones. FYI, I am now in progress of learning french.

I hope this decision is the best for all of us. Have a good life! Bye.

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