Happy birthday myself!

Posted on November 11, 2012


Dear reader,


11112012184It’s been a week since I posted my first English article in this blog. And I am glad to have time for writing as through writing we can express our opinion, ideas, or even story in very efficient way.

Today, I’m a… I either very proud of myself or  disappointed. This awkward feeling came up this morning when I woke up. There are things that cannot be spoken or even explained inside of me. It seems like, I have spent time, 20 years  behind, with nothing. I am just thinking that there are a lot that I haven’t been discovered it yet, while others have had their way on it.

Ok. You may say I only dream or gibber. But I think there are probably some people thinking the same.

Today, I have a precious moment, my birthday. This birthday become so unforgettable because I have reached the age of 20. Being in this age tends to be more responsible for my entire life and family. To celebrate this moment, I have bought some stuffs like Yamaha Acoustic guitar and two books from stores in order that I could make myself comfortable. I bought the guitar yesterday afternoon at Kurnia Music Store, Semarang City, Indonesia. Yesterday evening, I had been learning the basic chords for one hour and it seems that I need much more time to focus on guitar. Trying it for minutes, It is so hard to switch between different chords fastly and gently. Oh God, if I had (in high school) learn guitar when my friend did, I might have been able to play basic chords easily right now.


Okey, now look at these photos taken when I was practicing basic chords (only C and D actually). I took it all myself.

10112012181 11112012188


Okey, if you think that the appearance of my guitar looks like common ones, I’m ok with it. But for me, this thing has more than what you think. You now what? It has two levers which makes it be more futuristic. I don’t even know what the function is. And it has also a hole, covered by a small metallic tube. The hole function is to connect it to a sound system.

If you are curious of its price, I won’t tell you.

I am going to church in approximately one more hour, I’d better prepare myself. Bye!

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