My Favourite Fruit Soup

Posted on November 29, 2012


Generally, fruit soup refreshes us. It is a combination of fruit, ice, and something that has sweet flavor, whether it is a syrup or sweet milk.

Do you know Fruit Soup? Presently, fruit soup has been widely spread out to many province in Indonesia. For you who have not known it yet, a fruit soup, commonly, is pieces of fruit (many types of fruit) combined with sweet soup made by sweet milk or syrup. This soup is so refreshing when consumed at topical (even burning) afternoon. No wonder if it become so popular in tropical countries like Indonesia.

I, myself, had just known it when I was on high school. At that point of time, my sister whose school at Kopassus Area (a military area), Jakarta Timur, oftenly brought it home. Almost everyday she enjoyed the fruit soup. It made me wonder. Until one day, I ask her permission for me can taste the soup. It was amazing! In that time, it’s price is at Rp7.000,- per bowl. I think it was a normal price by seeing what do I got (even there are still a lot of fruit soup ranged around Rp5.000).

I think, ‘Kopassus fruit soup’ (I and my sister call it as) is the best fruit soup ever. This fact is relating to my bad experience in trying fruit soup in Semarang City (the city where i am going to college). Months ago, when the moslem fasted, I had a big desire to enjoy a bowl of fruit soup. In that time, I have never found any good fruit soup. They were all junk, not making  healthy instead of making so. There were a lot of syrup instead of sweet milk. I believe that the syrup was full of dye. It was disgusting for me. Beside that, it also had a few of fruit pieces and less varies.

I have my own criteria of enjoyable fruit soup:

  • The soup made by sweet milk or granulated sugar instead of syrup (most of syrup has bunch of synthetic matter as it ingredient)
  • There should be varied fruit pieces.
  • No need of a lot of ice cubes to make it cold. The ice cubes itself should be proportional in size and quantity

I miss you ‘Kopassus Fruit Soup’.

From Semarang City, the city where I am in College. Separated approximately 850 kilometers from Kopassus Fruit Soup…

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