Semarang Book Fair 2012

Posted on Desember 9, 2012


Semarang Book Fair 2012 is an event held by City’s Library Agency in cooperation with another two agencies, I forget. Held until 4th December 2012, there were about 200 publishers that produce titles of book. There were also competitions (mostly for children). This event itself took place at Gedung Wanita (Sriwijaya Street 29, Semarang City, Indonesia). It offers us book sales (up to approximately 87% off), competitions, and weapon exhibition at the entrance of the building.





Picture 1a and 1b. The organizer placed the weapon exhibition along the side of the entrance to the main building. The organizer also provide the visitors by lending an army suit at free charge to be photo taken with visitors own camera. (click to enlarge)

Before I went there, I have doubted about how good were books sold there. It said up to 87% off, what kind of books were those? Finally, I went there on Sunday (2 Dec 2012). The first look, for me, was incredible. It was crowded enough to prove that this event was not a joke and cannot be underestimated (unlike I have expected before).

I think, what makes this event unique is its combination with competitions held there. The competition itself makes the atmosphere be more educative. However, the competitions held there seems to be for children only, about less than six years age. Beside the children and their parents accompanied them, the visitors were coming from various society as well. There were elementary student, junior high school, college student, and commoners. Yep, we all are commoners. But, I did not see any high school student there. Perhaps, they had visited it days before me.


Picture 2. The visitors were seeking appropriate books for them. This photo shows the picture of Diva Press Area that attracted the most visitors along the day. (click to enlarge)

When I walked inside, I were surprised on how amazing the hall they took for selling their books. It was convenient enough although it was crowded. Each area of the publishers were well organized, such an a common bookstore, but the books were classified by publisher, not the genre. It was not hard for me to found a good book at a good price. I went to Kompas Gramedia section directly and sought them there. Finally, I bought one literature-themed book, one nutrition-themed book, and four history-themed books. I spent approximately Rp200.000,00 cash (they provide no electronic transaction). Actually, there were still four books that I wanted to bought, sold by another publisher. But I couldn’t afford it even they gave me 20% until 40% off. Yep, the problem is don’t have it so much, money. So how could I afford my another needs if I spent it all in one time?

Semarang Book Fair, I am looking forward to the next year!

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