Christmas 2012

Posted on Desember 29, 2012


Christmas New Year

The fact that i celebrated christmas with neither my family nor my friends felt strange even for myself. This is simply because the perfect combination of, let me say this in civil engineering terms of types of load, Death, Life, and Wind

Death,or commonly Dead Load, is a term to symbolize structure load itself,including wall, block, column, roof,and yap! Roof! I am here in Semarang City at my hard time in order to complete my assignment of designing roof which structure made by wood instead of going home to Jakarta to celebrate christmas with either my friend or family and chocolates/cakes around us! Even if we have our national holiday on 25th December 2012, i should prepared my Roof Structure Assignment (often be called as ‘wood’ or ‘kayu’ in indonesian) to be consultated the next day (26 Dec) with my lecturer to check if anything i made was wrong. What?! Yes! To check if anything was wrong on my assignment! It has not been completed yet! And i have to face Semester Exam at 2nd January! What a poor coincidence!

My next problem is called Life! This term is commonly be used to symbolize the Life Load of a structure such as Human, Furniture and Decoration, everything that is movable and not attached to the main structure of a building. In my case, i assumed the Life is my lecturer. I hope they will understand me and my partner on this assignment to make it easier for us. We have spent our precious night and day without annual warmness we always found in our family, in christmas of course! While i am typing this post, i have a strong feeling of the next consultation that my lecturer would probably give us an ‘ok’ in our assignment. Why do you think this is very important? Because without completing it first, we are not receiving a license paper by which we can join the exam of that subject. By all means this will end up with bad score at the end of the semester and i must take this subject again next year and so will my length time of study increase.

And finally, the Wind. The weather in recent days is not suitable for me to reach my best performance. There has been many wind and rain by which I could easily get an influenza.

Hopefully,I can feel better Christmas and New Year in the next year.

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