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Posted on Desember 31, 2012


Christmas New Year

Have you made your own resolution for the new year of 2013? If you have not, consider to make one, you will probably never be disappointed

It has been a year (or you can say ‘almost’) for us to live in the year of 2012. Have your resolutions in 2012 been completely reached?

We have probably known about resolutions some people made for welcoming a new year. Resolutions that ‘some people’ made is usually about something that they want to do, reach, or stop/end. These ‘some people’ usually might think that resolutions will make their new year feel better. But, i am sure that you have known this or probably ever made some of (resolutions) in the previous year.

Back to this post’s first paragraph, how about your resolutions, both for 2012 (that you have made before) and for 2013 (that you will do in 2013)? Seeing that my resolutions for 2012 (which i made in 2011) have not been completely reached, i think i would make more realistic and progressive one. It simply because i feel failed in reaching my targets in 2012. Oh ya, anyway, i have made some of it while i am typing this post. Would you want to see mine?

1. Be more serious in my study

My fourth semester in my college, chiefly my major:civil engineering, is the semester which i feared the most. According to the experience told by senior, this semester has 5 primary assignment (the previous three semesters has only 2 primary assignment). According to their story, i made my own conclusion that fourth semester is a semester most of which student failed his/her exam of some subject.

2. Learn French

Actually, i have had this desire since the last two years. But, i must learn English as my primary foreign language since English as a foreign language in my country has became so popular within it’s young aged society and is the language which many institution (especially company and education) require it the most as their qualification for particular reason (like to work, to study, or even to graduate). I think my only obstacle in learning French, firstly, is the lack of study sources, moreover in the Semarang city where i spent my time to study and live during my college years. Even if i am back to live in my nation’s capital city (Jakarta), it is very hard to find suitable French courses that i could take. I am wondering of why it is so hard to learn French here, it is easier to find Japanese, Germany, and Dutch language even if (as far as i know), French is the second most spoken language in the world. But, fortunately, i have just found some sites on the web that could probably teach me French. Let see if this work.

3. To gain body mass

This is ridiculous. But it is true. I think body mass is important as one of criteria to consider if someone in a healthy life or not. I will drink milk at least 3 times a day.

Okay, stop. I think my other resolutions is so personal and even a classified ones. Furthermore, i have an exam on 2nd February 2013,so i do not have much time to write. Have you made your own resolutions? Have one and you will never be regret. My suggestions is, make your own realistic and progressive resolution(s) for 2013. Bye! See you in 2013!

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