Drugs Could Harm the Innocents

Posted on Januari 31, 2013


How if you, someday, are caught with drugs. But you have no idea of where all that things come from! What a poor incident!

Lately, we have probably either read or watched cases related to drugs that put several public figures on the media. They were caught in someone house and drugs just found in that house. The police, then, had them checked to find out whether of them were the consumers of the drugs and investigated them if someone commited to drugs trafficking. After some time, some of them were freed since they were not taking part and knowing anything regarding drugs found on that house. One of the freed woman said that she was on the either wrong time or wrong place.


The Photo shows a man was arrested by two policemen by being accused as drug trafficker. Photo : REUTERS


After couple of days, when I am typing this post, I have just watched news on TV that shows a French tourist man arrested by officer in Bali as drugs found on his stuff. Then the news tells than he might prisoned for minimum of 5 years or maximum of 20 years. Suddenly, this news remembers me of a warning written on an immigration form given by the airplane crews before we landed that said,” Death for the drug traffickers under the Singapore Law”. If not mistaken, it was written in the color of bloody red. It was horrifying for me. I just cannot imagine if someone bad put miligrams of drugs into my pocket fast and unnoticeably in Changi. I could have been die there. Imagine when you carries your bag and as we all have known, the bag nowadays has many gap to be tucked in by a small object. And you are arrested because drugs have just been found in your outer bag pocket or gap, in Singapore Immigration office! Then you will encounter the death penalty. Death awaits you!

My suggestion: beware of people around you. Even if you do not recognize them, what will you say if they just want your pocket to hide their harmful goods. They do not know you either, but that’s it! They want to hide theirs in yours! They are diverting their fate so that they put the blame on you! So, when you are travelling, you should at your best to protect what you have and what you love. That’s all. Thanks.

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