What annoys me lately

Posted on April 17, 2013


This morning starts with obstructed air hole in my nose. It discomforts me, indeed. It bothers so much as I am being unproductive during my sickness.

This week has been a start for us, people in my major, to live in a conditioned life of engineering (let me say so). We will be busied by a raft of Big Assignment or Big Project along throughout the semester. We got five Big Assignment. By comparison, we got only two in the last semester. We get more job, so does our effort.

What annoys me is influenza. I’ve swallowed more than 9 pills and done 19 hours sleeping, but it remains prevalent. Suppose like nothing happen whatsoever. What should I do then? Leaving Big Assignment undone? Of course not. So, I decided to keep working on my assignment in a somewhat warm temperature , coughing, and blocked nose.

Okay, I do not have more time to write. I am heading to the accomplishment of my work by this afternoon. My suggestion, remain health!

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